Viewing $GET On-Chain

Viewing $GET fuel per ticket & event through the Community Dashboard

The GET Protocol community have created a dashboard for viewing the $GET usage of tickets as they flow through the protocol:
You can also view $GET usage on a per event basis, an example here:
And view top events for $GET fuel usage on the homepage:

Viewing $GET on-chain via GET Protocol's SubGraph

As GET Protocol’s mission is to become the Open Data Standard for ticketing, it’s critical that we can transparently showcase on-chain economic and ticketing data for tickets sold to real events across the world with non-crypto savvy attendees.
Using our subgraph anyone can get a clear picture of $GET flowing through the protocol, fuelling event tickets globally. The queries allow for a breakdown across event metadata and usage data, aggregated by all-time & per-day.
Over 419k NFTs & their metadata are now instantly queryable on the GET Protocol subgraph marking a major milestone for the protocol & the accessibility of open ticketing data.
You can access the subgraph below:
You can also read more about the functionalities available with GET Protocol's SubGraph in our 'Mainnet' story hub article:
Last modified 11mo ago