Post-Event NFT Collectibles

What is a GET Protocol NFT Collectible?

The days of tickets going straight into the trash after providing entry access are soon to be over. Using GET Protocol's white-label, each NFT ticket is claimable as a digital collectible.
Collectibles offer new avenues for connection, storytelling and revenue and can be displayed and exchanged on decentralised marketplaces such as OpenSea. When a ticket is scanned at an event, the collectible is automatically sent to the user's wallet address over the Polygon network.
As GET Protocol's collectibles are still in a fledgling stage, we're constantly looking to expand the possibilities and creative process around this exciting new avenue.

How does an attendee claim their NFT?

You can read more about the 3 step claim process on our website here:

Is there a showcase of GET Protocol NFT Tickets?

Our showcase site is available here:​