GET Protocol Digital Twin

What is the GET Protocol Digital Twin?

The Digital Twin product has been designed specifically for existing ticketing companies to take advantage of NFTs and blockchain for their ticketing. The digital twin comes without any extensive integration efforts and provides zero risk to existing ticketing operations
You can read more about the Digital Twin on our product page:

How does the Digital Twin work technically?

What happens from a technical perspective is that an NFT copy is created of every ticket issued; thus allowing business as usual for the integrating ticketing company, while opening the door for a variety of added features such as value capture in the secondary market and tickets becoming digital collectibles for fans.
Tickets are twinned on the Polygon blockchain and processed through GET Protocol ensuring they are real-time viewable on-chain through our NFT Ticket Explorer.​

Who are the current integrators of GET Protocol's Digital Twin?

Already integrated:

Yourticketprovider -​

In the process of integration:

eTicketaBlanca -​