GET Protocol Digital Twin

What is the GET Protocol Digital Twin?

GET Protocol's Digital Twin product allows enterprise ticketing companies to twin their existing ticket inventory as NFTs which can then be distributed to attendees as Collectibles. Integrating with the Digital Twin comes with zero operation risk and low effort integration allowing for a hassle free way for ticketing companies to tap into the benefits of NFT & Web3 technology.
Each Collectible can not only be fully customised with event artwork and metadata but can also act as a digital pass into experiences that can be gated exclusively for collectible holders.
You can read more about the Digital Twin on our product page:

How does the Digital Twin work technically?

From a technical perspective, ticketing integrators pass ticket data through an API which mints and distributes an NFT copy to an attendee.
Tickets are currently twinned on the Polygon blockchain and processed through GET Protocol ensuring they are real-time viewable on-chain through our NFT Ticket Explorer.