Bridging Your GET: Why you’d want to and how to do it

GET is a cross-chain token, meaning that it exists on multiple blockchains, sidechains, and rollups across the ecosystem of Ethereum. Specifically, much of GET’s functionality exists between Ethereum’s Mainnet and the Polygon sidechain. Ethereum offers ease of trade and access while Polygon provides minimal fees (a big reason why we use this chain for issuing tickets). Polygon is also a much more environmentally friendly blockchain technology which may align with for your personal goals in token ownership.
You may find that one of these chains is preferable to the other depending on your specific needs, and we find that if you’re active trader or you use your GET tokens regularly, then Polygon may be preferable. Before you can take advantage of this, however, you must bridge your tokens. Bridging is a term that just means to move your tokens to a different chain. Generally speaking, this can become quite convoluted, but with SushiSwap’s latest version, the process is greatly simplified.
For the purposes of this tutorial, we assume you already have a non-custodial, web3 capable Ethereum wallet setup and ready to go. If not, we recommend Rainbow. It’s super easy and makes the process of buying your first ETH a breeze. You can even use Apple Pay and Google Pay! Once you have a little ETH in your wallet, it’s time to get $GET.
We start by visiting the new SushiSwap app that enables bridging. Make sure the top dropdown box is set to “Ethereum Mainnet” with ETH selected as your token. On the lower box, select “Polygon Mainnet” as your chain.
Select the token dropdown and input the $GET Polygon token address: 0xdb725f82818De83e99F1dAc22A9b5B51d3d04DD4. Import this token and set it as your custom token. Be careful to import the correct token. Only ever import by this contract address and never search for the token ticker directly.
Now, enter in how much you’d like to swap. Your final setup should look something like this:
The fees are automatically calculated by SushiSwap for the most optimal route and probably shouldn’t be adjusted unless you feel confident in your skills with setting custom gas. Once you’re happy with everything, hit the Swap button and follow the prompts from your wallet: You should receive an approval request and a signing request for the transaction.
After you confirm everything, SushiSwap will automatically bridge and swap your token over the most optimal route available, all without you having to do anything (you can see the example route it selected for our example below). This is by far the simplest and safest method available for bridging GET onto Polygon.