GET Protocol NFT Ticket Explorer

What is the NFT Ticket Explorer?

The NFT Ticket Explorer gives a look under the hood at all ticketing activity happening through GET Protocol. This importantly provides a transparent view of ticketing operations occurring whilst also showcasing the magnitude of tickets being processed through the protocol.
GET Protocol has processed millions of on-chain smart tickets since 2016, all for real-world events and bought by non-crypto savvy users.

Why Is The Explorer Needed?

In an industry notoriously opaque, GET Protocol goes in the other direction. You could see the NFT ticket explorer as a streamlined block explorer that clearly presents easy-to-digest ticket information in a manner that requires minimal technical knowledge. If a user wishes to delve further into a ticket’s complexity like its transaction hashes, this information can be found via the links to the underlying blockchain explorer.
This marks an important step towards presenting a clear look under the hood of all ticketing operations occurring through the protocol and in fact it’s a major achievement for ticketing in general.

What Is The Explorer URL?

What Pages Are There?

Let’s go over the features — both current and coming up — of our newborn.


The homepage provides a statistics hub for real time ticketing data. These metrics can be broken down over various time periods to highlight ticketing activity across a range of dates.
The search functionality allows the user to look up each individual ticket using an NFT Index or other unique criteria — of course there’s also the random button for anyone without a ticket that wants the full experience.
Recent ticket sales and state changes update in real time to give a concrete picture of current ticketing operations occurring through GET Protocol around the world. By clicking on a specific index across both sets of metrics, the user is taken to that specific ticket’s lifecycle page.

Lifecycle Page

To get a clearer look at the status of an individual ticket flowing through GET Protocol, the life cycle page breaks down a ticket’s journey into specific state changes. It’s important to note that not all state changes may occur to one ticket, for example not every ticket will become “invalidated” and later on some tickets may not be “claimed” — which is a feature coming in the next update that will incorporate the ability to claim a ticket as a digital collectible. Something we’re very excited about.