GET Protocol White-Label

What is GET Protocol's White-Label?

GET Protocol's white-label system is a complete ticketing infrastructure that provides all the tools needed for a fledgling ticketing company to go from no ticketing to scalable ticketing.
The white-label has been battle tested since 2016 and utilised at events across the globe by several white-label clients along with our own ticketing company - GUTS Tickets.
You can view the white-label product further on the GET Protocol website:
Technology to create experiences | GET Protocol
GET Protocol: The Future of Digital Ticketing

What does the White-Label provide?

GET Protocol's white-label features a custom branded ticket wallet app, web application, 24/7 dashboard, access to our support documentation and support team that are available to assist ticketeers throughout their journey.

Who are the current GET Protocol White-Labellers?

​GUTS Tickets - Our own ticketing company that provides honest ticketing across the globe and acts as a showcase of GET Protocol's infrastructure.
tectix - https://www.tectix.de/​
Flockey - https://flockey.nl/​
Djebber - https://www.djebber.nl/​
DeFy Tickets - https://defytickets.com/​
XTIXS - https://xtixs.com/​
Relic Tickets -