How to Buy $GET on SushiSwap - Polygon

The process of buying $GET on SushiSwap is relatively straightforward once you've had experience of using a decentralised exchange, but for those new to how DEXs function this can often be an intimidating process.
Therefore this guide will walk you through acquiring $GET in several direct steps. This guide assumes that you are swapping from $ETH to $GET, however if you're swapping from another currency, simply choose it from the input list during the guide.

Step 1: Navigate to SushiSwap.

The domain for the SushiSwap DEX is:
For the sake of a end to end tutorial, we will be searching for $GET through the token list.

Step 2: Connect SushiSwap with your wallet.

You'll need to connect your wallet with SushiSwap by clicking the "Connect to a wallet" in the top right hand corner.
This will then pop up a list of wallet connection options. In this tutorial we'll be using MetaMask, however you can choose the corresponding application to the service that you're using.
When connected, your wallet address will be displayed in the top right corner:

Step 3: Choose your network

In this step you'll want to ensure that you're connected to the Polygon network. When navigating to SushiSwap for the first time, the selected network may be Ethereum:
You can swap this by clicking "Ethereum" to bring up this list:
Click "Polygon (Matic)" to swap network:

Step 4: Start swapping!

In the centre of your screen will be the swap tool. We'll only focus on this tab in this tutorial.
You should see that the "Swap From" currency is "MATIC".
We'll then want to choose the token we're swapping to - $GET. To do this click the "Select a token" button.
You'll then see a token list pop up:
Click "Manage token lists" at the bottom to bring up the token lists:
You'll want to turn on CoinGecko by pressing the toggle button:
Head back to "Select a token", Then type "GET" into the token address bar, you'll see a list of coins come up. You'll want to choose "GET" - "GET Protocol" from the list.
If you don't see GET in the list you can enter the contract address instead: 0xdb725f82818De83e99F1dAc22A9b5B51d3d04DD4
Then click the "Import" button.
Click "Import" once more. Note you can confirm that the contract address is:
You'll now see that "GET" is the selected "Swap to" token:
You can now enter the amount of Eth you would like to swap to $GET or alternatively enter the amount of $GET you would like to receive.
By clicking the "Swap" button you'll then see MetaMask or your wallet of choice bring up the details of the transaction.
By confirming this inside of MetaMask you'll then have a pending transaction. Once confirmed you will then have an updated $GET balance, congrats on your swap!
You may need to add the $GET token into MetaMask in order to see $GET tokens in your wallet. You can do so by following this quick guide below: