How to Bond your GET-ETH LP on Polygon using Olympus Pro

By following this guide, you'll be able to sell your GET-ETH LP using Olympus Pro in return for discounted $GET.
This guide assumes that you're an existing LP provider for the GET-ETH pool on Polygon, provided through SushiSwap. If you haven't already provided LP to the pool, you can follow this resource below to do so:
Step 1: Navigating to Olympus Pro
The first step is to head to the Olympus Pro website through the following link:
You should arrive on the bond page as shown above.
Step 2: Connecting your wallet & choosing the correct network
You'll then want to click the "Connect Wallet" button in the top right hand corner of the screen
Select from the available connection methods:
You'll then need to choose the Polygon network by clicking in the top right corner on the currently selected network, which in most cases will be "Ethereum".
You'll see a list of available networks to connect to, choose Polygon from the Network list:
Click "Switch Network" in Metamask:
Step 3: Bonding GET-ETH LP
You'll then be returned to the Olympus Pro page where you will see a list of available Bonds. You can see the GET-ETH LP bond here.
Click the "Bond" button on the corresponding row for the GET-ETH LP bond:
You''ll then need to click "Approve Bond Contract" and Metamask will ask you to confirm:
Before bonding, you can check your LP position via SushiSwap here - Make sure you're connected to the Polygon network to see your LP position:
Your LP position in SushiSwap should correspond to the LP tokens shown on the bond page for GET-ETH on Olympus Pro:
The "Market Price" & "Bond Price" showcases the discount that you will receive by providing your GET-ETH LP tokens.
Please do not bond when the discount rate is negative. The reason that the discount rate turns negative is if there is a high demand for the bonds at a single moment in time.
If you bond your GET-ETH LP tokens when the discount rate is negative then you'll be paying more than the market price.
Only bond your LP tokens when the discount rate is positive.
Important note: the discounted $GET that you receive is released to you through a linear vesting period. This means that you'll receive your discounted $GET over the 7 day period. This mechanism is in place to avoid bad actors from abusing the discount mechanism by selling their discounted returns immediately.
Step 4: Bonding
Choose the number of LP tokens you'd like to bond and click the "Bond" button.
Confirm the transaction in Metamask.
Congratulations, you just bonded your GET-ETH LP and now own discounted $GET!
You can set a reminder on Olympus Pro to check back in 7 days when the bond is fully vested to receive your $GET.
You can check the status of your bond on the main bond page: