An introduction to GET Protocol

What is GET Protocol?

GET Protocol is a digital ticketing infrastructure provider that has built state of the art ticketing infrastructure battle tested around the world by non-tech savvy attendees.
Since inception in 2016, our ethos is to create products that put end users first, ensuring event organizers, artists and fans can benefit from the benefits of blockchain and NFT technology whilst keeping complexity to a minimum.
GET Protocol offers two products, a White-Label full suite ticketing solution & a Digital Twin NFT layer for existing ticketing companies to tap into.
All tickets that are processed through GET Protocol are registered on-chain the moment a ticket is sold and viewable in real-time through our NFT Ticket Explorer.

Where has GET Protocol been used?

Globally. GET Protocol's White-Label alone has served:

121 countries

217 events in a single month.

423 unique artists and organisers.

How many Tickets have processed through GET Protocol?

There has been over 3,000,000 tickets processed on-chain through GET Protocol since 2016.

What are NFT Tickets?

All tickets processed through GET Protocol are registered on-chain as NFT tickets.
NFT Tickets unlock:
  • Immutable, transparent ownership history tracking ticket lifecycles on-chain
  • Web3 fan engagement channels for event organisers, artists and ticketeers.
  • Pre, during and post-event collectibles that can provide gating of digital content.
  • In the future, the ability to tap into decentralised event financing.

How big is the GET Protocol team?

We currently have 50+ people working full time in Amsterdam and remote. We're constantly looking for great talent in a range of positions, Take a look for yourself on our hiring page!
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What are the benefits of GET Protocol for ticketing companies?

GET Protocol offers products that cover the entire spectrum of ticketing. Any ticketing company no matter size or location can integrate one of our products to benefit from blockchain and NFTs.
Ticketing companies looking for a complete infrastructure that eradicates ticket scalping and unlocks new engagement avenues, would be interested in our white-label which you can learn more about here:
Alternatively, our Digital Twin solution allows existing ticketing companies to tap into Blockchain and NFTs without any risk to existing ticketing operations, find out more here:

What are the benefits of GET Protocol for event goers?

One of the more immediate benefits to an event goer purchasing a ticket through a ticketing company using the GET Protocol white-label, is the ability to buy a ticket from the primary market and secondary market at a fair value which has been dictated by the event organiser and artist.
The white-label solution completely eradicates ticket scalping at a commercial scale, by including a set of technologies that ensure only an authentic in-app ticket can be validated.
The Benefits of NFT Tickets
We see NFT Tickets as a way of expanding the lifecycle of a ticket through pre-event, during event and post-event innovations that were previously not possible.
Prior to an event's ticket sale, GET Protocol has a 'Decentralised Event Financing' product, in which artists & event organisers can raise funding for their event through DeFi. NFT Tickets can be bundled and assessed by liquidity providers for a loan, which is then enforced through GET Protocol's smart contracts.
This product is being rolled out through a waiting list, which can be accessed here:
During The Event
During an event's ticket cycle, all purchased tickets are transparently viewable in real-time on the GET Protocol NFT Ticket Explorer, providing clear ownership history for each and every ticket.
When a ticket is scanned at an event and provides entry access, it no longer needs to go straight in the trash, instead each NFT ticket is claimable as a Collectible which can then be used by creators to provide access into their digital experiences.
Every NFT is sent to the user's wallet address over the Polygon network.
As GET Protocol's collectibles are still in a fledgling stage, we're constantly looking to expand the possibilities and creative process around this exciting new avenue.
Read more about this here:

What are the benefits of GET Protocol for artists and event organisers?

Strengthening the event connection
A fully digital ticketing approach ensures the strongest connection between event organisers, artists and their fans from ticket sale to post event. Once a ticket is checked in it can be claimed as a digital collectible.
This provides a completely new method for storytelling and connecting with fans. In the future these collectibles will offer perpetual revenue from secondary market sales whilst incentivising repeat event attendance.
Clearer insights
Event organisers get a deeper insight into who owns tickets for an event at every point in the event life cycle whilst being able to keep track of how many tickets have been sold, re-sold and checked in.
Direct communication
Artists can directly communicate with fans through SMS whilst having peace of mind that every fan is able to acquire a ticket at a fair price both on the primary and secondary ticket markets.
Scalper free ticketing
Selling tickets to an event using the GET Protocol white-label ensures a scalp free ticketing process. You can read about Dutch comedian, Jochem Myjer's experience here: