How to Provide Liquidity For The GET-WETH Pair On SushiSwap - Polygon

This guide shows you how to provide liquidity for the $GET-WETH pair on the Polygon network using SushiSwap. If you wish to provide liquidity on the Ethereum network then replicate this process for the $GET-ETH pair.
If you're a pre-existing liquidity provider on UniSwap or QuickSwap for a $GET pair then please follow this simple guide to migrate liquidity:

Providing liquidity to the GET-WETH pair.

Head over to Sushi's liquidity section:
To begin you'll want to connect your wallet to SushiSwap & ensure that the network chosen is "Polygon (Matic)":
Swap to the "Liquidity" tab and ensure, "Add" is selected:
You'll need to pick GET & WETH as the two inputs.
For an explanation on the role of WETH, please read this section:
If you do not see GET in the list, you can use the token contract address which on Polygon is:
The token contract address on Ethereum is:
After adding GET and WETH as your chosen input pair, you can then enter the desired amount of GET and WETH you'd like to add to the pool. Please note that you must have both WETH & GET in order to provide liquidity, you cannot use only a "single sided asset".
You then need to approve both GET and WETH using the buttons below:
Once approved you can then click "Confirm adding liquidity" and confirm once more on the popup!: