How to Migrate Liquidity From UniSwap/QuickSwap to SushiSwap

Migrating liquidity from UniSwap/Quickswap to SushiSwap can be done very easily at the press of a few buttons.
To begin, navigate to the migration page on SushiSwap:
Depending on which network you're migrating from, you'll either see "Migrate Uniswap Liquidity" or "Migrate Quickswap Liquidity".
From the drop down lists, choose either Non-hardware Wallet or Hardware wallet depending on your storage method:
Connect your wallet to SushiSwap. You'll then see your LP positions loaded on the page.
Then allow access to your Uniswap/Quickswap LP tokens on your selected wallet type. Click "Migrate" and approve the transaction and you're done!

Manually Removing Liquidity from QuickSwap

In the event that the migration tool above does not display your LP position. You can manually swap liquidity to SushiSwap through a few gestures.
Firstly head to QuickSwap and navigate to the Pool tab:
Provided you have connected your wallet, you should see your LP position:
If you press "Manage" you'll then see the option to "Remove" your liquidity.
Choose the desired amount of liquidity to remove. Press approve and then remove. Confirm the transaction in your wallet and you've removed your liquidity! You should now see your assets in your wallet and the LP tokens gone.
You can then head over to the guide on providing Liquidity for the GET-WETH pair on SushiSwap: