GET Protocol's LP Reward Program

What Is the GET Protocol LP Reward Program?

One of GET Protocol’s primary liquidity capturing mechanisms has been the ‘LP rewards program’ which rewards individual market participants who add liquidity to GET-ETH pools with $GET on a twice-monthly basis.
The LP reward program runs solely through SushiSwap across Ethereum and Polygon.
On the 17th February, it was announced that the LP rewards program on Polygon would be tapered over the coming months in favour of ramping up our Protocol Owned Liquidity program using Olympus Pro.
For the ETH-GET pool on Ethereum, LP rewards are currently unchanged:
GET Rewards Per Month
GET Rewards Per Fortnight
12,000 $GET
6,000 $GET
For the ETH-GET pool on Polygon, LP rewards are tapering under the following schedule:
GET Rewards Per Month
GET Rewards Per Fortnight
12,000 $GET
6,000 $GET
10,000 $GET
5,000 $GET
8,000 $GET
4,000 $GET
6,000 $GET
3,000 $GET
4,000 $GET
2,000 $GET
2,000 $GET
1,000 $GET
0 $GET
0 $GET

Why Does SushiSwap Mention WETH Instead Of ETH?

WETH = Wrapped Ether
Its function is to act as a converter between Ether and other ERC-20 tokens.
SushiSwap (& other DEXs) route both swaps & added liquidity through WETH. This is a common practice that occurs on the Ethereum network in order to interact with ERC-20 tokens.
You can see the underlying routing occurring here via Etherscan as an example:

WETH on Ethereum

When swapping or supplying liquidity to a GET pair on the Ethereum network, there is no need to actually hold WETH in your wallet, you can begin your trade or liquidity with ETH and in the background the DEX will route your transaction through WETH for you.

WETH on Polygon

All Ether on the Polygon network is in the form of WETH. Depending on the DEX in use, some will denote this as 'WETH' and others will for user friendliness simply use the term 'ETH'.
For SushiSwap liquidity additions to the GET pool on Polygon, you will need to use WETH.

What Are The Liquidity Pools For $GET?

Current pools are:
GET/WETH on Polygon:
GET/ETH on Ethereum:

How much $GET will I receive as a reward for providing liquidity?

The amount of $GET you will receive is based on your % weight of LP tokens in relation to the total LP tokens in the pool.
Do note that this is in constant change with people entering and exiting liquidity positions, the amount of rewards you receive upon distribution may vary.
(Your LP tokens / Entire LP tokens in the pool) * Fortnightly reward
To learn more about distribution of LP rewards and to stay updated with current pay out cycles, please join the GET Protocol Discord.

Providing Liquidity To $GET Pools On SushiSwap

To provide liquidity for the GET-WETH pair on Sushiswap follow this guide:

Migrating Liquidity From UniSwap Or QuickSwap

To migrate liquidity from GET pools on Uniswap or Quickswap, follow this guide: